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I won’t really be spending any time over here on this blog as my LinkedIn Influencer posts are where my action seems to be. I’d love it if you followed me over there and left your great comments.  http://www.linkedin.com/influencer/bluebanana20. 

See you there 🙂

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Your digital body language: Don’t ignore it.

“I speak two languages, Body and English”. – Mae West

Man with tabletCommunicating with a computer via email, newsletter, or any of the social sites, we still need to convey our personality, our humility and our authenticity just as we do in a face-to-face conversation.  Without facial expression, eyes to read and tone of voice to listen to, we could be in danger that the receiver of our message reads something quite different to what we actually want them to read.

There is also the time delay to consider, particularly when posting in forums and discussion boards and so a conversation may take place over several hours or even days.

So how can we put some real etiquette in place so that we don’t mess it up and give the wrong impression about ourselves when we network and connect with others online?

  • Do use a greeting and sign off with your name included.
  • Follow Dale Carnegie’s advice and always use the other persons’ name when addressing them.
  • Don’t use all capital letters; it’s the digital equivalent of shouting at someone.
  • Respond to connection requests with a brief “nice to meet you” message just as you would if meeting someone offline.
  • Do get back to those that have made the effort to reach out to you digitally. You wouldn’t ignore them in person.
  • Watch your spelling and grammar. It really is your digital body language so make it top notch.
  • Avoid lots of exclamation marks, they can make you look angry !!!!!
  • Use the smiley face icons to help the reader understand your tone if appropriate.

Your body language can say so many things that words simply can’t, and in the online world with the absence of visibility, others will form impressions of you that may not be true of whom you really are.

Have I missed any? Feel free to add them in the comments below.

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Facebook snippets from Facebook

Nick 2Last week, I invested in my own self and went to a Facebook training day that was put on by Facebook itself so I knew I was going to be in good hands and get my information straight from “the horses mouth”. The presenter was Nick Blowditch, a SMB Marketing consultant from Facebook Australia who was a very knowledgeable, engaging character and a joy to listen to.

I know heaps about Facebook, after all, it’s my job to, so if I go to a workshop and come away with some great action points, it’s definitely been worth my time and investment.

So I want to share with you just a few of the snippets I picked up, some of which you may already know, and some of which will be news to you too. They are in no particular order so here goes:

  1. 3.5 billion posts and likes daily from 1 billion users
  2. Edge-rank does not exist – that’s a biggy and may shock you. Yes there is an algorithm, but no edge-rank.
  3. You are allowed to use product placement on your cover photo so think about your book, your widget etc. but definitely no call to action or contact details.
  4. The eyes love white space and primary colours so keep this in mind when you create ads and images.
  5. Facebook offers are a great way to be seen by a wider audience cheaply. You only pay for those clicks that “claim” your offer, not for their friends that see they have claimed it. Very cool.
  6. Custom audiences are available now.
  7. 77% of those answering your questions on your page are not your fans, but friends of fans. Ask more questions!
  8. Work for 25% PTAT engagement or higher (people that are talking about this)
  9. You need 5000 likes to get post targeting.
  10. You can change your page name if you have fewer than 100 fans.
  11. You need 400 fans to use promoted posts.
  12. The average ad click through rate (CTR) on ads is only 0.14.

Nick talked a lot about the importance of sharing, and working on getting your own content shared, which is something we will see a lot more of in the near future. Something big is definitely coming; I just don’t know what it is and Nick wouldn’t spill the beans as he has been sworn to secrecy. If anyone has any ideas what is could be, let’s hear your thoughts below.

Linda Coles is the author of “Learn marketing with social media in 7 days” (Wiley) and is a speaker and trainer on building relationships. She lives in New Zealand on a fig orchard. You can get a free sample of a chapter of her book by registering for her newsletter.

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Difference creates opportunity – in search of serendipity

Serendipity, luck, fate, all mean the same thing, something unexpected or an unplanned event happening and by making some simple changes to your routine, adding some difference, you will give yourself a chance of stumbling across something or someone new, fresh, interesting or exciting.

Being in search of serendipity is definitely a contradiction in terms, but you can give the serendipity gods a bit of a shove in the right direction.

There is an accountancy firm in town that has a rule about where their employees can and can’t eat their lunch. No one is allowed to eat at their own desk, they must make the effort to either sit in the lunchroom, or go out, and this is for a very simple reason. You won’t meet anyone new sat at your desk eating!

Everyone wants new clients right? So this firm has simply made it policy that everyone knows someone who uses an accountant, so why not make use of each and every team member to get their brand name out there and be talked about when possible?  That doesn’t mean you can go into sales mode at every opportunity, that’s just not cool, but engaging in a conversation with a stranger will very often lead round to “what do you do?”

Some simple areas to create difference:

  • Go to a different coffee shop each day and take note of the people in there, you may recognize    someone you once knew or would like to know.
  • Park on a different street occasionally
  • Get your gas from a different filling station
  • Stand at a different place on the sideline this weekend
  • Try a different take-away restaurant this Friday night

All of these are very simple things to put into place to heighten your chances of seeing something or someone new. Putting yourself in different situations and dropping seemingly irrelevant things into the conversation can have a profound effect on the outcome if the serendipity gods are all lined up and ready to make things work out. If you don’t first give them the ammunition to work with, it’s never going to happen.

What can you change in your routine to stumble onto conversations with new people?

Linda Coles is the author of “Learn marketing with social media in 7 days” (Wiley) and is a speaker and trainer on building relationships. She lives in New Zealand on a fig orchard.

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Have you ever experienced service set up for the 1%?

Paul Coles's Blog

When I left university I joined the British retailing institution that is Marks and Spencer, and of the many things that I learned about business, the most precious of all was that you set your business up for the 99% not the other 1%.

I know you are thinking what the hell is this guy talking about? So I will explain. Back in those heady days of the mid ’80s I queried why we were merchandising some of the most expensive product that was prone to shop lifting right next to the doorway. The answer was simple, 99% of our customers don’t steal, so make it easy for them to buy what they want, and don’t ever lose sight of this, setting yourself up for the 1% you will be destined  to fail. This lesson is beautifully illustrated in a great book “Sway: The irresistible pull of irrational behaviour” by…

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6 Tips to using the new LinkedIn Endorsements feature

A word of praise goes a long way in social media. LinkedIn recently made the endorsement process super-easy with just a simple click.

LinkedIn Endorsements are now live across the United States, India, Australia and New Zealand, and rolling out to everyone else over the coming weeks.

Read the rest of this article on Social Media Examiner

(Sorry to do that, but it’s part of my agreement not to post)

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Manage my impression

Many businesses offer great service or great products, and you are happy using them. Then one day, you see something that changes your mind about them, particularly if it’s a product that you consume.

Your business has it’s own window display, whether it’s a physical window, an online window, or simply the areas on display when someone visits the premises and so particular care needs to be taken about what first impressions you are offering.

We continually “eat with our eyes”, buy from those we like given the chance, and value a recommendation to use a particular service or product that meets our needs so we don’t get it wrong. So why then, do some businesses carry on as though no one will notice if things on display perhaps shouldn’t be on display?

I have been going to a new coffee shop over the last few weekends because I like a particular product they sell and until my latest visit, was quite happy. So what changed?

Their dirty “clean” laundry was on display for all to see hanging from the ceiling on a rack, which is certainly not conducive with eating nice food in a pleasant café.

It’s not about using a better washing detergent, it’s about managing my impression of the premises, and keeping the “dirty” laundry away from customers that will pay with their feet and worse, maybe tell their friends too.

Take a good look around your business premises with fresh eyes. Have you got any” dirty laundry” on display that you’d rather wasn’t?





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