Technology who needs it?

I find it really interesting how many businesses charge head long into having a website but have no idea why they may want or need it. This was really brought home to me recently when a friend of mine, who has set up a new business gave me one of her new business cards. On the card was the address of her website. Now given that she has just set up at Naturopathy business I was a little surprised that this was to be one of her first marketing strategies, not because it is not a good idea to have a website but because she had no clear goals about what she wanted the site to achieve.

Technology gives us the opportunity to do things differently to how they have been done in the past, and is not just a mechanism for re-hashing the same old, same old. If the new site would allow me to view her appointment diary, and see when free times existed for me to book in to see her, with some kind of form to explain what I wanted to see her about then I can see the value, but too often there is nothing on the site that adds any value to me the customer.

By all means embrace technology, indeed it is essential we do, but make sure that the technology has a purpose, either by making things more efficient, or better still changing them altogether, otherwise don’t bother.

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