Has Google put me in the sandbox?

Does the sandbox really exist? www.bluebanana.co.nzis my 3rd website I have designed and actively use, and the only one I have had trouble with, which is very embarrassing as the topic is online marketing! Get that. If you search the world, it comes up of sorts, but if I search New Zealand, nada, squat, zilch. That means when I type the url into Google, zip. Any ideas anyone? The site has been submitted both to Google and Yahoo, key words are there, as is meta description. I can’t work it out. So, does the sandbox exist, and is that where I am sitting, because I think I’m getting gritty in here!

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2 Responses to Has Google put me in the sandbox?

  1. Barry says:

    You may not be able to get a search result in Google NZ because inyour Title tag you have mis-spelled the word Marketing. Best wishes

  2. bluebanana20 says:

    How embarrassing, but easy done you folks, all sorted now. This is why you need people like Barry and me. How many of your keywords are incorrect in some way?

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