Business Cards. They’re Still Effective in an Online Market

Lets face it.  Business cards are not outdated.  All entrepreneurs know what they are and what they’re for. They have long been used to inform people about business names, products and services that are being marketed, and even the location of the specified business.  When maximized, business cards can be very effective means of advertising websites. 

Some very good news about obtaining business cards is that, its no longer expensive. Gone are those days when you had to pay a lot just to inform your market that you exist. Nowadays, they are one of the cheapest means of advertising. And there are also websites that give them for free. 

Businessmen also tend to keep cards in a case on their desktop. Banking on this fact, it is still wise to say that business cards still deliver what they are intended to deliver sales. With this thought, it is important that your card looks presentable and attention-grabbing.  What do you offer? Is it painting or articles? You could easily quote a passage about the beauty of writing when you are selling articles. If you’re a painter, you can have one of your paintings scanned and printed on the business card. 

Whoever you get in touch with, don’t be ashamed to hand out your business card. Also, never forget to give one to a customer who has visited your site and purchased from you. Word of mouth is a very effective tool to widen your base of customers and giving out business cards jump starts this. Also, your cards can also become electronic business cards. A JPEG, PNG or GIF business card that is less than 30 kilobytes can be used.  

Every known businessman uses business cards. Only bloggers do not use them.  So to overcome this obstacle, it is best to use business cards to feature your own blog and the URL that goes with it. All other pertinent information such as e-mail address, phone numbers, cell phone number, fax number and even the physical address of the business should be included on the card (its important for the card to look nice but these are the most important tips).
In this world of websites, blogs and chat rooms, it is sometimes comforting to know that some old means of marketing tools still stand their ground. Coupled with persistence and an unending drive, business cards can draw in people (and big bucks!) to your website. That ones for sure.

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