Perfect customer service

It’s not that hard, but seldom found. Over the weekend, I found it.

Body Fuel is a great little, very busy cafe in Taupo, and as the 160km cycle challenge was on this weekend (I was taking part) there were 11,00 cyclists and their families in town. Massive event.

We ordered our lunch, and took our seats to wait, expecting to be sat there a while. Paul was reading the paper, and I was simply watching the goings on in the cafe. The staff were friendly and efficient, moving around at controlled speed, clearing tables and serving meals. When there was no one at the till point wanting serving, the team were looking for things to do such as topping the water jugs up with fresh cold water, stacking more glasses up and generally doing something, no one  doing nothing in this place. No loitering or slacking. I suspect Steve and Chrissy the owners run a tight but enjoyable ship, paying constant attention to detail. The way it should be.

Our meals arrived which were just delicious, and when we had finished, I said to Paul “I bet these plates are cleared away within 3 minutes”. I looked at my watch to monitor the time, and it was actually around the one minute mark when they were cleared. Very efficient but not rushed, there is a difference.

It reminded me of my time as a branch manager of Laura Ashley in London, I am the same type of manager as Steve and Chrissy are.  There is never nothing to do. Good on you I say.

If you are ever in Taupo, Body Fuel is opposite the library on SH1 and well worth a visit and their gluten free range is superb. Well done guys.

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2 Responses to Perfect customer service

  1. Louise says:

    Well Linda I made it – I think? An absolute newbie to the bloggin business you have inspired me this morning to take 5minutes out and give it a go. I want to thank you for your insightful tips to the humble SME owner. I have heard many people talk about bloggin but its all seemed a huge scary world. Not only bloggin but what needs to happen from behind my website to generate traffic! My sister and I will be using your services to give the once over and I look forward to what I am confident will be 100% customer service. Your attention to detail, care and consideration are evident in any dealings with you and I look forward to benefiting from your extertise. Watch this newbie blogger get into the swing of it! 🙂

  2. bluebanana20 says:

    Good luck to you, and thanks for the great comment!

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