Say “Yes” to everything like Danny Wallace

yes_man_premiereAfter my run, I grabbed my cereal and caught up with the breakfast team on TV1 this morning, and they just happened to be interviewing Danny Wallace, a journalist in the UK. You may not know Danny, but he wrote a book that has just been made into a film which launches here on January 1st. It’s called “The Yes Man” and is played by Jim Carey. To cut a long story short and get to the point, Danny wondered what it would be like to say Yes to everything he was asked. He did so for several months, but you do have to understand that he did give himself some boundaries, no drugs or anything dodgy, and no lies. For everything else, he said yes to it.

How would that change your life?

How many more opportunities would you have come across and experiences had, if you had said yes? Some things must have been massively out of his comfort zone, cost him money or even lost him friends, but what a thing to try.

I am going to do it for 1 day, then venture up to one week. How will it change my life I wonder? What opportunities and experiences will I gain?

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