Vodafone, or should I move to Telecom?

I just want to pay my bill, and print of a receipt. Not hard. Wrong.

I can pay the bill when I get a balance through my bank, who are quite happy to efficiently process my payment. Vodafone on the other hand, want to make it as hard as possible.

First I have to register online, fill out my email, telephone number, password etc, and then they send a text with a verification code for me to enter. Why they can’t just send an email like everyone else..? They don’t send the code, they send me a new password instead, which the system does not accept. Damn annoying. I call at 8.05pm to be told it is now outside normal office hours…. I still have not seen my bill, and further more, I have to do the same pointless exercise for my husband, who does not know his 4 digit security number, so they won’t talk to either of us anyway! How on earth do I view his bill and pay it? I can’t get across how angry I am at this moment in time on the night before Christmas eve, trying to finish my paperwork and relax. If I didn’t need the phone, it would be through the window. Come on Vodafone, make it easy for the customer, not a god damn fiasco. Use some common sence!

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One Response to Vodafone, or should I move to Telecom?

  1. DaveN says:

    Looking at everything you’ve put here, I can understand your frustration. If you’re interested, I’d like to offer assistance for you.

    The Vodafone eForum team is a 24-hour resource, and we’re happy to look into any queries customers might have. We’re located at http://forum.vodafone.co.uk

    And there are ways that we can check things without PIN numbers btw. We know people forget things like this, so it’s not the end of the world.

    I’d love to help with this.


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