Vodafone bug me again…

Should I kick you in to touch?

Should I kick you in to touch?

It’s that time of the month again, paying my bill online with Vodafone. It’s enough to bring me out in a cold sweat. Don’t be silly I thought when I received the text to “view my bill online”.

I got the website up, clicked on My Vodafone, entered my login details, and received just a page with “hello Linda” with nothing there. Now, I understand that websites fail sometimes and that may be nothing to do with Vodafone, but cor blimey mate, it would be me again wouln’t it? It just ads to the annoyance. Why don’t they just send me an email with the details I need to pay it and print off a receipt? Heaven help the older generation that are not computer savy and are only just mobile phone savy.

Come on Vodafone, save me before it’s too late and I switch. Where is your good old fashioned customer service?

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