How to start out with Twitter and the Twitter tools.

 In the name of keeping things really easy, and that’s what we do, if you are just starting out with Twitter, here are a few tools that will keep it simple.

The most important thing to do when you are up and running, is start connecting with others. Start a conversation, don’t just wait for someone to find you, remember, it’s an online networking event, so take part.

Pass on relevant stories and information you have found that you think others will enjoy by cut and pasting the link into the space provided. Twitter will automatically shorten it for you when it is sent. Don’t forget to include interesting things from your own site or blog too, this gets the traffic back to you.

How to set up your Twitter profile page.

  • Add a background photo to your Twitter Page. Go settings, design, change background image.
  • Use as much of your 1 line bio as you can.
  • Check your messages, @replies and direct messages on a daily basis, start to build relationships
  • Make sure you have your web address in your profile and that it’s working.


How to set up your Tweetlater account.

  • Go to and follow the step by step instructions.
  • Set up your auto follow message for your new followers to receive. Make sure you put your web address in this message. Note: Use http:// when inserting your web address, this message can only be 140 characters in length. Use keywords in your niche to get people to take a look at your website.
  • Tick the auto welcome box to the (send private direct message).
  • Scheduled tweets lets you send out auto messages while you sleep or are away.
  •  Don’t set more than one an hour, it may class as spam.
  • There are lots of functions on, but these will get you started.


Using Twellow to generate followers.

  • is a great way to find people in the same business you are in.
  • You can use the search bar at the top of the page to search any topic, country, person, niche etc. that you want.
  • There are several categories to choose from. When selecting a category the people with the most followers will appear at the top of the page.
  • Once you find the person you want to follow, simply go to their page and click on their followers and start following them.
  • Make sure you are logged into your twitter account and as you start to follow people you can click on the home icon at the top of the page, hit the refresh button and the new people will be added.
  • You can follow up to about 400 people per day safely.


Tweetdeck keeps it really easy

  • is an application where you can view all messages from one screen.
  • Built in shorten web address tool.
  • Keep it running in the background, it will send you a real “tweet” to tell you something has happened in your network.
  • Hover over the picture and click retweet to pass on something to your own network.
  • You can delete people that you don’t want to follow. (1 at a time)
  • Put people in a group where you can view all of their messages as they come in.
  • Use the search function to keep an eye on who you are currently connecting to so you don’t miss any of their tweets. This opens another column to the right side.


Using Twittercounter

  • This tool simply shows you your stats.
  • Provides you a track to follow and estimates how many followers you will have next month at the current rate you are growing.

It won’t just happen over night, but keep at it for a few minutes per day, and you will start to get something from it. Be warned, it can be addictive! For more useful information on social media and getting traffic to your website, look at our main website.

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