Ah, Tom Peters

If you were one of the few lucky ones to go and spend the whole day listening to Tom Peters (courtesy of Results.com), you will have had an amazing day! tom-peters-picIf you on the other hand, were unable to attend, you missed a treat.
Personally, I was a little concerned before hand that I might not “Get It”, that his presentation would somehow be a little over my head, very slick and possibly even too heavy.

Absolutely not.

He continually interacted with his audience, making the audience chuckle with his anecdotes, his power point presentation was a mish mash of prompts in gaudy colours ( a Powerpoint Presentation expert would have had a field day with it) but the messages he delivered were crystal clear.

The main points that I jotted down were these:

Choose to be great instead if big. There is a massive difference.
Show your absolute passion, or get out of the way
Apologise when you screw up, make that 3 minute call to your customer and sort it out.
Send a hand written “Thank You” note to your new customers. The personal touch.
Take a course on “Listening” Did you realize that on average, the doctor starts to interrupt your complaint at around 18 seconds? Give time to really listen.
Be kind, it costs nothing
All business should be blogging! It’s your voice.

These were just the key points for me, there were plenty others, but you know what, we already know them, we just don’t use them. Why is that? Are we so wrapped up in trying to complicate things, use bigger words, and appear to be “a cut above the rest” that we have lost sight of the basics?
Very refreshing views. Loved it. Now, I have to implement it, starting right now.

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