Running two businesses can be tough

It’s been a real whirl wind few weeks. So much to do and so little time to do it in. Not only do I have Blue Banana to contend with, but I also own a fig orchard just South of Auckland, and the season has been massive.
figsLast Thursday, we broke our own previous record of export trays picked, then on Saturday we broke it again! Not content with that, mother nature threw in a really tough but exiting day on Sunday by not only breaking a new record again, but it was DOUBLE the record we had broken on the Thursday!
The annoying thing is that the market in Los Angeles has made the orchard a victim of it’s own success, with the tray price dropping severly because of quantity. How come, there are however many millions of people in America, and only a hand full of fig growers around the world, can’t you guys eat more? Please?
When you are working in such a short time window, the pressure can mount up, but it is only for a few weeks, which will be over very soon. I could not image having to work so intesily for long periods, so if you are in that situation yourself, look after your self and maybe take a supplement.

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