Review your interuptions

sand-laptopMost of us subscribe to either blogs or newsletters in some way shape or form, many of which find their way in to your email box every morning. If you are like me, you will first delete the spam offering pills for this and that, then browse through the blog posts that you subscribe to. If they haven’t grabbed my attention in the first paragraph, they are gone, delete, goodbye.

Recently I have noticed that there are actually only a couple that inspire me any more, or I get some worth out of. Seth can stay and so can Copyblogger, but for the rest, zap.
Apart from one more. Try clicking on this link to for their weekly business growth tip. Easy to read and always making sense. This weeks talks about the amount of time we spend with constant interruptions by people dropping by your office, or attending meetings when really, do you need to?

Take a look at your in box in the morning and make an effort to get rid of the unwanted or uninspiring emails you get, but remember to replace them with something else that does do the job. If you are not already using Twitter, this is a great place to start to find usefull readings without having to troll through the www yourself.

Maybe you should subscribe to my Blue Banana newsletter which is always brief and to the point, and goes out no more than once per month. Give it a whirl.

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