Are you stupid enough to get a business coach?

telephone-ladyI hate confrontation. I steer well away from it, hate it, don’t go there.
So when I was in a situation that I needed to contact a customer who had not paid the correct amount of their invoice, I really was not looking forward to it. Did it matter? After all, they had paid including GST and not plus GST, so it wasn’t too much difference…..Well actually, it’s 12.5%

I procrastinated, and cogitated for a couple of days, but when I mentioned it to my business coach, he was agahst at me. Something like ” Are you joking” with copious amounts of sarcasm. I began to see the light, or had a blinding flash of the obvious.

I made the call.

And do you know what, they didn’t even realise they had made a mistake. The gst had been set up incorrectly in their system and of course the account would be paid in full! Relief.

You see, this customer is worth quite a lot of money to me, and why would I want to upset them over a little thing like money? I can’t believe I was about to be so stupid.

Get a business coach if you make stupid decisions on a regular basis, (hopefully that was the only one for me) they keep you on the right track, aint that the truth.

If you are unsure where to find a good one, try

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