Time to spare or time to despair?

Do you open your doors dead on time at 9am?  Here is why you shouldn’t.

Sat outside the library having a coffee on Saturday, I noticed quite a few people milling around waiting for the library to open. Nothing strange about that you might think, but there are several little things that sent my mind into “incredulous” mode. First of all, how many business’ open up at 9.30am any more? Surely most open at 9am or earlier? Apparently not. The people milling around must have been under the same impression as me, otherwise why else would they be standing waiting?  If I ran a business where people were queuing up outside in a morning, don’t you think it would be a great idea to open up just a little while earlier?


But it gets even better!


As a member of the waiting public approached the unopened doors, a staff member inside pointed to the opening hours posted on the inside of the window, indicating the opening times. Then, and this is the incredulous part, a team member, presumably the boss, joined the staff member, and together they stood on the inside of the library, looking at their watches and waiting for at least a whole minute, for the clock to tick up to 9.30am on the dot. If you can imagine the scene, it is completely ridiculous. Staff on one side of the glass door and customers waiting on the other. Until the time was precisely 9.30am, the library team stood there! It simply is pathetic, and if there was another library, I  would probably go there. If this had been my hairdresser, I definitely would have gone elsewhere.

If you are running a business with opening times, particularly a service business such as a hairdresser, if my appointment is at 9am, I want to be in by 9am and ready to go, not stood standing in the street for the designated time to be reached.

Ask yourself, “what is the harm in opening at 5 minutes to”? Surely that is all part of the great customer service you offer that keeps me coming back?

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