Annette Presley is no Bet Lynch

annette1Last night, I had the pleasure of attending a speech by Annette Presley at the Her Business Network for South Auckland at Telstraclear Pacific centre.

She was not what I thought.
So what did I expect?

Bet Lynch is what I expected, but she was far from it. An attractive, stylish, sensitive woman was what we got. An inspirational talk on her route to success, some of the mistakes along the way, Dragons Den, Bob Jones in the Koro lounge, her post natal depression and much more.

I was transfixed.

What did really resonate home with me was how driven she was, the massive action she must have under taken, and how little many of us, including me, actually do and expect to get the same great result.

I drove home in silence, reflecting on what I had heard, and what I was going to do about it.

Reset my plan, reset my goals, get on track.

Networking events are great in so many ways. You meet new people, gain prospective clients, listen to a great speaker, and partake in a glass of wine. I always have these events in my diary, they are part of my working week. Make the effort, you will be glad you did.

Love to see you there, look out for Linda, Blue Banana.

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One Response to Annette Presley is no Bet Lynch

  1. annette presley says:

    thanks for your kind words it means a lot to me to know that i make a difference

    love annette

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