Get Linked up at Linkedin


Becoming an expert at something. How do you do it?

When a recruitment agent I met on LinkedIn recently asked me to put together a 1 hour presentation for a group of executives on the power of LinkedIn, you have to know every little detail. Now, I know a lot about LinkedIn, but really needed to update myself with any new changes that had slipped my attention. What easier way to make yourself an expert on a subject but to research for a presentation. I think I now know all there is to know about LinkedIn. It’s a very powerfull space to hang out. But when you join up,  don’t just sit back, do take part because there are some very real benefits.
Just last week, I got my first international client, all done through this powerfull business networking site, and I have still not actually spoken to the client, all done via email and the power of the web.

If you haven’t looked at the short video in the blog post below, please do so, the way of the world is changing fast. Pass it on to your collegues, spread the word, it’s simply amazing.

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One Response to Get Linked up at Linkedin

  1. Nikhil Vaswani says:

    LinkedIn sure can be an amazing way to enhance career opportunities. Even if you are not actively looking for a job, it will keep you abreast of what all is happening in your profession and this info can be essential in the future as well.

    At the same time, one really need to learn how the use LinkedIn properly. One resource that can be useful is a new book “How to REALLY use LinkedIn” by networking expert Jan Vermeiren. You can find a free lite version at

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