Peta Mathias sings Edith Piaf

On a cold June evening that it was last night, 270 women turned out for a mid winter Christmas meal and to hear Peta Mathias speak. What a stunning looking woman, from head to toe, I hope I can look that good at 60.

peta mathiasShe spoke about her time in France, her books and her broadcasting career. When “Taste New Zealand” disappeared off our screens, she decided to go it alone and produce her own stuff.  That’s when she decided to start her own production company aptly named “Redhead Media”. She also gave us a song.

A song?

She sang an old Edith Piaf song in French, the name of which escapes me, but without any musical backup what so ever, just her voice. She was superb, and received a standing ovation. It takes some guts to just stand up there and sing, particularly in another language, but she pulled it off well.

So what is the point to this blog post, every post has to have a point right? Well, there is no point; I just wanted to share with you another extraordinary person. Someone who looks amazing, and has done so much in her time, an inspiration.

Wow, I want to have shoulder length fiery  hair and red lips!

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One Response to Peta Mathias sings Edith Piaf

  1. GoogleGuy says:

    Good to see that people still know what they are talking about. So much BS around these days!

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