In for a quicky?

A bit unusual for me, but this post is a bit personal. You see, last week Paul was in hospital for a routine knee operation, having some ligaments repaired. He was only going to be in over night and a couple of weeks off work to get some rest.
We arrived at the agreed time, feeling a little anxious, and because of a delay with another patient, Paul was pretty much taken straight down. No time for trying to get calm, straight into it.

The disconcerting bit was when the surgeon came to speak with us beforehand, and he was wearing white gumboots, much like they wear in “The Mad Butcher”. I asked him why, and he said it was because it could be a messy business, and he didn’t like getting his socks wet! Urgghh.

The operation went really well and he was back in the land of the living (ish) by 5pm. I stayed until he could keep his eyes open no longer.
The next day which was Thursday, I picked him up and brought him home. Understandably he was a bit sore and a bit grumpy. A couple of days on the sofa with his leg elevated is all he needs?


Early Saturday morning, around 5am, he started to complain about chest pains, which we all know is not a good sign. I called for an ambulance and they were at his bed side within 15 minutes. After a bunch of tests, it was decided that as he was at risk of a blood clot after his operation, he should go back to hospital. Panic set in with me, I dressed, grabbed my bag and climbed into the ambulance with Paul. Off we went to Middlemore.
The hospital staff were simply amazing, thorough, calm, informative and very nice.

At a time when the man you love is “wired for sound” with an oxygen mask on, and blood beeing taken from main arteries (Very painfull), it’s hard not to get upset, but as the patient, it’s a lot more than that. Quite worrying, “what the hell is going on with me, I’m not old enough!”

A CT scan was called for which involves rather large doses of radiation I believe, so much so that he could feel being heated up from the inside instantly. No wonder he felt rough afterwards.
We waited for the results of blood tests and CT scans, to be told that there had possibly been a minute clot that the lungs had filtered out, and that after the anesthetic, his lungs were not expanding out as much as they should be, hence the chest pains.

The main doctor that took care of him, was called Christopher Duncan, and it has to be said, he went above and beyond his duty that morning, getting more advice from higher up the chain in order to satisfy his diagnosis. Not only was he very knowledgeable, he was also very likeable, (apart from the soccer team he supported). What a great guy to be ill with!
I would like to thank the whole team in the emergency room last Saturday morning, you were all brilliant.

Paul is home doing well, I really should have taken some clothes for the poor man in the ambulance, rather than having to come home later in his PJ’s. Hopefully, we will never need an ambulance again.

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