Just the right amount of detail

monarch cafeLast night, we we went out with friends for a meal at The Monarch, in Pukekohe, which was fabulous. Why was it fabulous? Was the food sooo good, or was it something else?

The food was great, the company was great, but the little things that you may not notice about a place were also great.

So what were they?

It was just the right temperature for a cold wet rainy night.
The water on the table was also just the right temperature.
The waitress was just the right amount of helpfulness.
The restaurant was clean in every corner.
The owner dropped by after our main meal and complimented us on the adventurous wine we had chosen. The bottle was long gone from the table, yet he knew.
When the water needed replenishing, it was already done.
The food was hot, tasty and on time.

You see, it’s not only about the food, that was last on my list. It’s the attention to detail that they had all taken care off, and that was why their restaurant was full on a wet Friday winter night.

Long may they continue to do so well.

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