Which came first, the dress or the egg?

Last week, I had the pleasure of being in the same company as Colyn Devereux-Kay, known for the “Egg Maternity” brand and Annah Stretton, known for “Annah S“. It was during one of our local Her Business networking events at TelstraClear events Centre in Manukau, for which Annah is the founder.

Colyn%20(cropped)The main speaker for the evening was Colyn, talking about how she started from the basement of her home as a single mum with two young children, trying to make a good life for them all after the loss of her husband. Back a few years ago, potpourri had not really been invented but that didn’t stop Colyn from making buckets full and selling it on to the major retailers. A real rags to riches story as she launched Les Floralies and then Egg Maternity.

The thing that struck me about Colyn was how lovely she was, obviously very, very smart, and a typical English rose, even though she is a Kiwi. You would feel very comfortable around her at any time.

Annah Stretton also spoke for a short while. The owner of 30 plus retail stores and a publishing empire, she was so totally different. Direct, fierce and me, me, me. I was initially quite surprised at how she came across, but as she talked, I got used to her way very quickly. You see, she was all business, no frills. She was direct because that is where she wanted to go, inspiring because she was there to inspire us, and oozed success because she wanted the women in the room to be successful. I quite liked her, a leader in her field.

Now I am not saying that Colyn was none of the above, her story was very inspiring, they were just so very, very different, and yet both so very, very successful.

Which one are you? It’s OK to be you, so don’t try to be the one you think you should be. Both styles can be successful with the right determination.

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2 Responses to Which came first, the dress or the egg?

  1. alaJoAnn says:

    You make a refreshing point. Success comes from developing and sharing the gifts you’ve been given, including temperament.

  2. If I was a woman (which I’m not, just to be clear), I’d be Colyn. A part of me is very Annah Stretton – down to business… but I used to be a “me me me” kind of guy before I met “me me me” people and didn’t like talking with them (mainly coz they did all the talking), so now I’m all about “you you you”. And if I do want to talk about something I ask the question that I want to be asked.

    Cool article Linda!

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