Sticky Fingers

questionI have been reading a lot recently about the little things that a businesses can do to give them a bit of an edge, things like giving your customer a free ice cream cone  (If you sell ice cream) when they try to pay by AMEX and you don’t take AMEX, and not insisting they pay by some other means, that sort of thing.

 I just wanted a clean courtesy car.

Today, I picked up my courtesy car as mine was in for it’s service. Now, I don’t expect a Rolls Royce of a replacement, but I do expect a clean vehicle. They get used all the time by anyone and everyone, and so I’m not stupid enough to think that it will be spotless, but when I drop mine in, and pick theirs up, why is it that my hands stick to the steering wheel? Yuk! If a mechanic has been using it, maybe a quick wipe around with a baby wipe would do? I spent most of the morning driving with my finger tips.

Come on car dealerships, think of the little things, the tiny but oh so big things. You never know who is in the market for a new Suzuki…….

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