Rebel without a cause….?

In a couple of weeks, I am taking pat in my first ever half marathon at Whangamata. I have really been training hard for this, as my goal is to actually finish it and not walk at all any where on the course. I don’t care if it takes me two and a half hours, just don’t succumb to the pain and walk.

I have been running in my SKINS top which I must say is superb, and a great deal of help to me, but it is getting a bit too hot, so I decided to treat myself to a new cropped top and some SKINS legs for recovering after the event.

I headed out to REBEL SPORT as they had a half price sale on.

In this day and age when we are supposedly struggling to get business, I was pretty disillusioned at the lack of help or even greeting from a member of staff, but hey ho, I knew what I wanted so I helped myself.

I found what I was looking for and went to the changing rooms to try them  on but first I had to remove a whole heap of left behind garments before I could even get into the changing room. It was only 11am on a Sunday and there was hardly anyone in the store, so…..

I made my choice, and went to pay. This was obviously the place where the staff congregated to discuss which new trainers they themselves are going to purchase next, a place where they “hang out” at work. Average age very young.

I paid and left. Once in the car, for some reason, I decided to check my till receipt. Out of the 4 items I purchased, only one was actually rung up correctly. The prices on the labels onf the garments were all totally different than what it said on the till receipt even before the discount had been takn off!  

How come?

In total, I was only $2.50 out of pocket, but that is not the point. Appart  from breaking the law by not selling the garment at it’s advertised price, it leaves a nasty taste. Unfortunately, this is not the first time this has happened to me at this particular branch.

Come on REBEL, get your act together and make sure your teams are doing their job properly, or next time, I may go to STERLING SPORT.

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3 Responses to Rebel without a cause….?

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  2. bluebanana20 says:

    After writing this blog post, the Operations Manager for the group gave me a call to apologise and promised to take it up with the store involved. Thanks Steve for acting so swiftly.

  3. I just love this about social media – you have valid customer service complaints and you can air them.
    I am impressed that the manager found your complaint and took up the mantle to fix the problem.
    He now knows some of the problems that happen at his store when he is not there – thats valuable and useful info for his business!

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