Have you learned any lessons this week?

I come into contact with many businesses each day just like you probably do, and it got me thinking about the lessons to be learned from one another, some very basic and simple. Read on.

Why did I receive yet another reminder to take out a car loan from MARAC Finance when I took my new car loan out in September? Can they not segment their data base when they get that big?

Whenever I get my computer fixed at ZOOM Technologies in Drury, they always follow up the following day from the repair to make sure it is running well and I am happy. Great touch.

Why when I dropped a brand new pair of trousers into the repair shop to get then turned up a bit, did they not press them and hang them on a hanger instead of bundling them into a bag? Now I have another job to do and press them. Nil points.

The ladies in the coffee shop know my name and just how I like my scrambled eggs cooked. Just right.

All very simple little encounters, some great, some not so great, but all easy to fix and lessons learned.

What have you learned from others this week?

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