Missing opportunities? It’s not always about the price

I have just had all my outside paint tulipswork repainted and the gutters all cleaned out which is a job I just did not relish doing myself, so I thought I would give a local workman the task and pay him.

The job is now finished, but the mess left behind is not. You see when your gutters get water blasted, debris scatters all over the deck and pathway, sticks to the windows and generally gets everywhere. So this afternoon I set to cleaning the windows, putting my deck furniture back in position from their smoko, and replaced the bar b q back to its home. It has taken me some time when I would rather be doing something else.

My point is this:

Trades people, if you are dealing with a woman, she likes things put back from where they came and usually dislikes cleaning windows. Now, had you said to me that you would clean up, wash all the windows down and put it back looking like new and added $50 – $100 to the job, I would now be writing about a great experience, “they even washed my windows”, rather than, “they didn’t even bother to clean up and put their smoko chairs away”. A missed opportunity. It’s not always about the price.

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