Relationships are Unlimited

Linda ColesToday I find myself published in one of the great New Zealand business journals, Unlimited. I am thrilled.

I figured out that online networking, is the same as offline networking, so if you are wondering why your networking is NOT working, read the article on Unlimited. Here is a taster:

“I recently had a chance meeting with Craig Rispin, the American business futurist and innovation expert, and asked him how CEOs and business leaders can benefit from becoming more familiar with the business-oriented social networking site LinkedIn.

Craig said he regularly lands $10,000 speaking engagements through LinkedIn, and that his clients tell him his 370 recommendations on the site are his main selling point.

That seems impressive, but it got me questioning whether we have the same potential in New Zealand for business leaders to create commercial outcomes through the business social networking service. After all, we don’t have the scale of other OECD countries, so are overseas contacts relevant to our circumstances?”

In this day and age when we are constantly learning new tricks, and trying our hardest to keep up with new trends, we forget what really matters in business. Relationships. Without relationships, there is no business, and online networking or social media is just that.

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One Response to Relationships are Unlimited

  1. Kendall says:

    Good work Linda. Really good points around using Linked in. Thanks.

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