Run for inspiration

I am training for a bunch of half marathons in the coming weeks, and I can tell you it is already hard work, particularly after a couple of glasses of wine the night before. To train for a half marathon, I am running 5 days per week to give my muscles time to recover during the two days off, but I feel I need more recovery time. All my runs are over hills, there is no flat near me, so I’m feeling a little punished.

The same can be said in business.

The flat is the easy workout, it is the ups and downs that make us stronger and more focused because you can’t stare at the scenery when you are hurtling downhill and trying not to fall over, or slogging up hill, quickly running out of breath. When you are running on the flat, your breathing is rhythmic, the horizon is easy to see and you know what is coming, the tarmac simply moves under your feet like a treadmill belt.

Out on the road gives you time to cogitate ideas and see things differently, look at analogies like the one above and see just how much of life is very simple.

Out running, other runners greet each other with a quick “hi”, yet walkers are in their own little world. If I were a dog, and another dog came towards me, the first thing I would do would be to sniff and greet, wag my tail, and maybe we would move off together. Now, I’m not suggesting you run off with a stranger, but take a lesson from nature, say hello and be friendly. Try it next time you pass someone on the road or footpath, and say hi with a smile. You will feel great for it.

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