Woman of Power and Substance

Getting back into the swing of things after a lovely Christmas break is never easy, and it takes a few days to get things ramped up and moving again. I wanted to share with you some of the really great business people I have had the joy of meeting or working with this week, and fortunate enough to be seeing in the coming weeks.

Shanel Winning of Winning Eagar was a breath of fresh air and a real inspiration. A truly motivated and passionate woman, she simply oozed talent. Her business is psychometric testing, of which I knew a little, having done the tests in the past, and so I know the value of them, but what most people don’t realise, is how great the tool can be when used correctly.

She told me of a CEO she has worked with, who  put his team through the process, and the outcome has simply blown him away. Not only does he now know what type of people he has in his team from a mental point of view, but he knows how to talk to them, what each individual needs from him and, and how to motivate them going forward.

                                          He has found the process invaluable.

Presenter at Large is Amanda Fleming. Another great woman who has been in business many years educating companies and people on their presentation skills, personal development, communication and leadership. Her business card boasts “presentation skills for non conformists”, no PowerPoint here!
Amanda is a  sought after speaker and author, so take a look at her website if you feel you would like to learn more about your conscious evolution, you won’t be disappointed.

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One Response to Woman of Power and Substance

  1. Jill Porter says:

    Ok this cld be doubleup but I’m having issues with iPhone/linkedin. Great article
    -love the title. Now – why thankyou and that would be great!

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