Twitter Lists – Public or Private?

I thought it about time to do a quick update on the new things that have been added to Twitter and Tweetdeck to make things even simpler to use. Not only can you have columns on Tweetdeck to make keeping up with your favorite Tweeters simple, but they also filter through to Twitter Lists too.

But what are Twitter Lists?

A list can be created from your Twitter account to sort people into various “folders”. For example, you might set up a list of everyone in the media that you want to listen to, or a particular industry. It is simply a way to clear out some of the clutter and focus.

I have lists set up in the following ways:

Clients, Prospects, Leisure, Media, Education, Executives etc…

What is important to note when setting up your lists on Twitter is that the default is to make the list public, whilst on Tweetdeck, the default is private.

What is the difference between public and private?

Public means just that. Anyone who can see your Twitter page will be able to see your public lists on the right hand side, and if you have named your list “clients”, then they are all there for everyone to see.

If on the other hand you have made them private, only you can see what is contained in each list. A much safer way to control your lists.

Why would you want to make a list public?

Your username and the titles of the list are searchable via Google, and so the list will give you a bit more Google love as Twitter is a well respected site. Your user name and list name will be recorded in Google giving searchers even more access to find you.

Following lists

Did you realize you could follow someone’s list and the people on that list won’t know you are following them? A great way to follow your competition.

Lists are a great way to file people for ease of use, just make sure you are keeping the right lists private.

Feel free to tell others how you are using your lists below.

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