Be carefull what you Tweet to your LinkedIn profile…..

I never really understood why you would want to update each Tweet in to your LinkedIn status update box, after all, LinkedIn is business, and all business. I can’t see why you would want to update some of your more relaxed thoughts into that environment….

I have just heard of, and seen, the reason why you should stop doing it immediately.

I was in a group “Go to Meeting” training session with a client, and whilst we were waiting the arrival of the other team members, we chatted amongst our selves. My client mentioned a profile she had seen on LinkedIn where disparaging remarks about another person was showing in their status updates for all to see. I myself had seen the comment on twitter, but if you miss it, it is gone in an instant.

Status updates on Linked however, are another matter. That comment may sit there for all to see for some time to come, and indeed has. It may even cost that person a loss in revenue.

So, if you do Tweet things that are not for the LinkedIn environment, alter your settings to stop the updates. You might be better off for it.

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