A day in the life of a princess

I have been inspired to write a short post on the way I have been treated here in Palmerston North by the ladies that organise the Her Business Network here.


I  am due to speak at their event this evening on getting started with networking online, which is exciting in its self, but my day has been something like this:

Arrived at the airport and was picked up by Barbara at TLC Sports Med

Dropped at my motel Arena Lodge, to find I have a suite

Goodies await me in the fridge including wine!

Fantastic lunch at Mao in town, how they made any money on my lunch I have no idea

Due to be picked up again at 5pm

My presentation

Then dinner with the ladies.

Oh, I forgot to mention the fantastic little shop called “Catwalk” where I purchased a fantastic new bag. (It just went with my boots)

It has been a real treat of a day, I absolutely feel like royalty and could quite get used to it.

Thanks to you all for making my day.

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2 Responses to A day in the life of a princess

  1. Glad you enjoyed Palmy : )
    I was at the meeting this evening and it was really good to hear you speak. You have re-inspired me to get more active on Linked In and get round to sorting out TweetDeck (both have been on the ‘to do’ list for a while!

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