A hot and practical topic

If you are looking for a practical and informative session for your next conference or event, this might be for you.

Summary of my speaking presentation – Linda Coles, Blue Banana.

Many people speak about “what is social media”, but I go one stage further and tell you how you can use social media to grow your business.

The big 4, and by that I mean LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are the main ones to focus on, but so many companies just simply don’t have a clue. Whilst they are thinking about doing something, their competitors are taking action.

I split the presentation up and dissect each separate site telling stories about how others are using it, and how they themselves can use it.

By the end of the 1 hour presentation, they have a clear understanding of which sites suit their business and where to make a start.

I also offer my support should they need to go through anything else or over any aspect of the presentation.

A different slant on the same presentation is the art of networking online, and how to find and connect with people you would not ordinarily come in to contact with.

Depending on what is required, I can easily and confidently deliver either. 

Feel free to check me out and read my 50+ recommendations by clicking the LinkedIn icon.  Just recently spoke at the William Buck www.williambuck.com.au conference on how they could specifically use social media to drive their online brand, and also spoke to the Her Business Network http://www.herbusinessmagazine.com/Networks.html in Palmerston North on the same topic.

If you are looking for a conference speaker on such a hot topic that will give you “light bulb moments”, then get in touch. info@bluebanana.co.nz

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