Lady luck? I think not.


Beware if your egg breaks....

You know it is going to one of those days when the first egg you crack in to the frying pan breaks, and so does the second one….

I wonder why we have “one of those days” because it seems to happen to everyone. Let me go back in time to yesterday when I had “one of those days”.

On our way in to town for a coffee, the car in front of us hit a Pokeko bird which hurtled through the air and landed with a thud. Not moving much, we pull over and decide that we can’t possibly leave a big bird like that suffering, so Paul collected it up in his arms and we make our way 20 km’s to the nearest vet.

To start with, the bird who now has the name of Bill, was very quiet and subdued as you would be if you had just been hit by a car, and lay quietly on his lap. As he came round and could see that he was lay in the arms of a strange being, ie not in his usual habitat, he became very distressed, flapping his wings and generally getting quite hard to control. The noise that stared to wind up like a banshee was deafening and as the poor distressed bird let loose of his little bodily fluids, the smell was not particularly pleasant either.

Let me tell you that a Pokeko has a nasty beak as well as being an incredibly strong bird to hold on to, and blood was now dribbling down Paul’s chin. Now I have two very unhappy passengers.

We arrived at the vets and I ran in to get a cage to put poor Bill in to help with his stress levels (and Paul’s as he was now pretty soiled), and the nurse came out to help with a cage and a towel. For future reference, a Pokeko is considerably less stressed with a towel over its head. She took him inside, asked where we had taken him from so that they could hopefully return him later and we left.

I called the vet later on to see how Bill was and she happily informed me that Bill had been returned back to his home with pretty much a scratched kneecap and no damage to otherwise report.

Great news for Bill, but not for Paul’s chin, the state of the car or my nerves. Would I do the same rescue attempt of a bird again? I think I would.

But my lack of luck has carried over on to another day, as this morning, both eggs did break in the pan, the plastic bags I bought at the grocery shop got lost between the store and my car so I had nothing to load my shopping in to, and on unpacking the bag that I did have with me, discovered the deodorant I had just spent $6 on was totally empty, a dud!

I think today calls for a day next to the fire watching a film. Do not move!

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One Response to Lady luck? I think not.

  1. markbyrd says:

    May GOD Bless!!! Mark

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