What is the difference?

Look at it piled high...

I have just come back from a week on the Sunshine Coast for a little R&R, which was absolutely wonderful and well overdue. The weather was just right. I ran most mornings along the ocean front, sipped Starbucks mid morning, sun bathed until early afternoon, then back to Starbucks for afternoon tea and a cake. Bliss.

Each day, I passed two different ice cream shops, one at each end of the esplanade and noticed that only one of them ever had a queue. How come? Each day I passed them both, the same thought entered my mind, and I couldn’t figure it out. They were both chains, both had similar prices, both had a similar offer, both had similar shop fit outs, both on the same side of the street, both on the busy part of the street, but one had a queue, and the other one didn’t.

Then it dawned on me. The one that never had a queue, displayed its ice cream down in the tub in the fridge as you normally see in ice cream shops, but the one with a queue, displayed their ice cream still in the fridge, but piled high in the tub so you could see it. Simple.

What you then saw as you walked past, was the entire choice of available great fresh looking flavours that made you want to reach out and satisfy those emotional feelings of want. They were appealing to my emotional impulse buy by displaying the ice cream where I could see it. Simple, and very, very clever.

What are you inadvertently hiding from your customers?

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2 Responses to What is the difference?

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  2. Dean McLeod says:

    Isn’t it amazing Linda, the simple things in life that make the difference!

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