Jack was back

Jack Daly and Linda Coles at dinner. Sole Bar, Auckland


Ever heard of Jack Daly? Neither had I really, until I heard his name being mentioned on the radio and that he was coming to New Zealand. You see Jack is a sales guru, and I mean guru. I learned so much about relationships and sales in that one day seminar, than I think I have learned from all the books I have read this year.


I would like to share with you some of the snippets that were tweeted during the day, and I think even after the event, they will still make sense.

  • Get it right with your staff and you’ll get it right with your customers
  • Make sure you are researching your prospect online before you meet them
  • If you want to change the results, you need to change the activity
  • Who is the cheer leader in your company?
  • Tell more stories, it is the fabric from which a culture is made
  • Do you have a business or is it a hobby?

There are some very simple lines in there, and they are all true. At the end of the seminar, Jack said “I haven’t shown you anything innovative or what you didn’t already know, but I have turned some light bulbs on in some usually darkened rooms”. 

I love light bulb moments. 

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One Response to Jack was back

  1. Astrid Martin says:

    Awesome Linda, have just had a major “blue” at work with a client and it was avoidable if Jacks first snippet had been employed!

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