The ROI of social media – What you don’t see

So many people are searching to find a way to measure the ROI of social media, and it is tricky. Sure, you can see from your Google analytics where your website traffic is coming from, and you can measure how many “Fans” or “Likes” you have on the  company Facebook page, but the rest is hardly measurable. This stumps some companies, if you can’t measure the ROI, why waste your time doing it? After all, you don’t have an unlimited resource of staff to spend time on these sites do you?

Social media is about engagement, engaging your customers and hopefully engaging your prospects. And prospects are what prompted me to write this post.

I was talking to a Director of a New Zealand company recently and he shared with me a very interesting story about a prospect that was very close to becoming a client, but had reservations after a little due diligence. What was about to let them down?

Their inconsistency of their social media message!

A small point but a significant piece of their brand, and it may have cost them in the 10’s of thousands of dollars.

To have this kind of information pointed out to you by a prospect, is absolute gold because you can now do something about it. It also brings to the whole company’s attention what prospects and clients are now looking at when deciding whether to do business with you.

What is happening with your message? Is it consistent, regular (at least 3x weekly) and accurate?

I suggest now you have read this, you take a look at what you and your team are publishing and make any changes you need to.

Then get someone to critique it from outside your company.

Linda Coles, Blue Banana

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