Have you joined the Social Movement?

I thought I would take a look at some of the social media sites, “on the move” as you might say, and I don’t mean the sites that are gaining momentum with participants. I mean the mobility of social media.

 By now, most people have heard of the main 4 social media sites, those being Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, but how are they affecting our habits whilst we are “on the move”?

 Let me give you a couple of examples that happened to me on a flight down to Wellington last week.

When I arrived at Auckland Airport, I ‘checked in’ with Foursquare, the latest location based service (LBS) that is now becoming very popular with venues and meeting places. After I had checked my bags in, I wandered over to a café and ordered and pot of tea, and as I reached my table, I noticed Te Radar walking towards me with his refreshments, and he sat behind me.

 Now I quite like Te Radar and was quite excited, so I decided to “Tweet” that he was now sat behind me.  Another tweeter saw the tweet and replied “@bluebanana20 – he’s coming to New Plymouth to speak at the Chamber of Commerce Long Lunch”.

 Wow, I now know that the guy sat behind me is about to board a plane to New Plymouth, is speaking at the local Chamber of Commerce lunch and also who was going to be there. All this tweeting is going on in the public twitter domain but Te Radar was probably blissfully unaware of the conversation going on. It took all of my strength not to tap him on the shoulder and say “have a nice time down in New Plymouth”.

 When I boarded the plane, I flicked through the online Kia Ora magazine and there I noticed an ad for a smart phone application for Allpress coffee. This simple free application is designed to load on to your smart phone, and take advantage of  your in built GPS to locate exactly where you are but more importantly, where your nearest Allpress serving café is, good to 100km’s. A great tool for all of those coffee connoisseurs out there, and great advertising tool too. My guess is there are hundreds of social applications out there to take advantage of.

Whilst I was waiting at the baggage carousel, I checked in to Wellington airport on Foursquare, I flicked through Facebook and left a couple of comments on friends and business pages, and caught up on email. If Domino’s pizza had a Facebook offer on, I would have seen it. What did I ever do without my smart phone?

 If you think you have no time for social media, chances are you are already doing it as being mobile with a smart phone makes it so easy. Ask yourself what businesses have been affected by you and your smart phone this week?

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