Foursquare for free advertising – have a burger on BurgerFuel

Check in with FoursquareOn the way to see the All Whites play Honduras on Saturday evening, we decided to grab a burger from Burger Fuel. Apart from the fact that they are totally delicious, they also have a gluten free bun option for people like me (Thanks BurgerFuel!)

We placed our order and sat down, checking in to Foursquare with our iphones as we did so. The great thing about Foursquare, is that when you check in to a venue, the GPS in your phone detects your location, and so if you are within 3km’s of Burger Fuel in Parnell and check into a location, it will tell you there is an offer nearby and what that offer is.

That means that as you are checking in somewhere, the message pops up to ‘pull” you over to their place, or in my case an offer of “buy one burger, get another free”.

Now that is a great offer from Burger Fuel, and worth about $9 to me, and a lot less to them when you take in to the fact that that is the retail price.

You might think that as I was checking in there anyway, it was a waste, just giving money back to someone who was already sold on the product and in the middle of purchasing it anyway, but think again. We were so impressed that they adjusted the order; my friends went straight to their Facebook pages on their smart phones and posted what had happened.

Now with the average Facebook user having 130 friends, that’s great a piece of advertising for less than $9. Not only did my friends hear of the offer, but their friends did to, and who doesn’t enjoy a great burger every once and a while?

Social media is weaving its way into our lives all the time, and sometimes we might not even notice it. I have now become a fan of Burger Fuel’s Facebook page so that I will get updates from them, effectively be on their database. Not bad for a retail cost of $9.

More and more bricks and mortar businesses are getting involved with Foursquare now, so if you haven’t already done so, check it out at and register your business. There is more information in this Foursquare article. It would definitely be a smart move!

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