Where are your manners? Sorry, I’m not French.

It's not hard to be on the ball

This last couple of weeks have really seen a drop in the standard of service I have received from mainly the retail sector, but before you run off screaming “here goes another blog rant, I’m not going to read it”, stay right there, you may learn a little something for your business.

Without going in to each and every story, and believe me there have been many, I just want to pick a couple out and share my thoughts and ideas with you about what they could have done to keep my customer and happiness.

I decided to make over my bathroom, get it nicely tiled out and looking a little more fresh and modern, and as I like to give business to the locals, I went to my local tile shop and made an appointment for him to come and measure up and get started.

Notice I said get started, a real buying signal.

He never showed. He never rang either.

The following week I went to another tile shop in my town, and organised him to come out, measure up and get started. yep, that buying signal again.

He never showed either. He never rang either.

Either they didn’t like my perfume, or they have not seen the bigger picture. It might only be a bathroom today, but neither of them know how big my bathroom is, that my porch also needs new tiles, and next year when I have a new kitchen, guess what, could be some tiles involved.

But why did no one even call to say “Just a little busy at the mo, but will be right with you soon”? They have probably lost my custom for life because no one bothered to make a quick call.

Are you guilty of not following up and perhaps it seems too late? Maybe it’s not.

The best story of the last couple of weeks was my night out at Auckland’s French Cafe. What an experience.

Attention to detail with the food presentation, the superb waiter (Craig) and the way the kitchen went out of their way to ensure that the gluten free option was equally as good if not better than the regular option was second to none. The service was simple and very attentive, Craig had thought of everything. Yes it’s pricey, but attention and manners don’t need to come in expensive packages, just everyday common courtesy’s in every industry.

Had either of the tile shops called and re-appointed with an explanation, the job may well be booked in or under way. Are manners that expensive you have to go to a pricey venue to get them?

How sad. The two tile shops don’t deserve to be in business.

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