Ten tips to take advantage of the new Linkedin company pages

Just like Facebook created their version of a company page, now so have Linkedin, but the appeal of having a company page on Linkedin, is the professional business orientated community it sits in. With 80 million business members, who wouldn’t want a business page there? There certainly won’t be anyone asking you to join his or her Farmville game!

Normally the profile pages that you set up on Linkedin are for your own personal use, and it is indeed against Linkedin’s terms and conditions to set a personal profile page up as a business. But Linkedin has seen that by capturing and promoting more business information in this community, it could make way for a whole lot more engagement and knowledge sharing.

Take a look at Dell’s page here. They have really used just about everything they can on their company page except for adding their Twitter account for some reason.

So how do you set it up?

First off, you must be a member of Linkedin and there are some other great articles on using Linkedin here to get you started.

Only one person from your company can set up the business page and you will also need to have an email address that matches, so using your Gmail address won’t work. This stops others from setting up company pages that they are not authorized to do.

To start your Linkedin business page, simply click on COMPANIES on the top navigation and then ADD COMPANY.

From there it is fairly self-explanatory and you just need to follow the very easy steps, but did you know you can now:

#1 Add Video to your products and services page

There is now space to add this on your product or service “home page” as well as on each individual service page. You do have a company video don’t you? With more and more companies waking up to the power of video blogging, technical videos and video training, this may be an area for you to develop if you don’t have any.

#2 Add a careers page if you have vacancies to advertise

If you are currently looking for new employees, what better place to advertise than on a database with more than 80 million people! The listed vacancy will pop up on the home page of people Linkedin thinks may be interested in and many companies have had success filling vacancies through this method. What is also great is that anyone who clicks on the advertisement can easily see a whole lot more about the company and the other employees who are in their network.

#3 Get product or service recommendations from satisfied customers and display them on your page.

These recommendations are user aware which means that Linkedin will show you recommendations by people within your network if they are available. What do you think that says to me when I come across a recommendation of a service by a well-respected business contact of mine? If I trust that person, they may well have just sold me on your product or service. If Jim thinks it’s good, it must be! They are your silent sales people.

#4 Follow any company that interests you

Each time a company that I am following updates something, I am notified on my status update page. How cool is that for inside intelligence, particularly if I am a recruitment agent? They may need help to fill that vacancy that has just been created, or the person that has just been promoted may want to hear from me in their new role.

#5 The company overview page allows you to see how you may be connected to that company, a bit of inside intelligence.

If you are looking to do business with that company in some way, you may have some inside connections that could possibly be helpful to you, or even pass an introduction message on to the person you need.

#6 Your blog posts feed into the page

Let your followers find out more about the company via your company blog posts. Each time you write a new post, it will show on your page automatically, so if you write in a more relaxed style on your blog than your website, that gives another dimension to the company voice.

#7 Your tweets can also be fed in

The same goes for your company tweets, so be extra careful here if you feed your tweets in.

#8 You can add 3 banner images that link through to different pages of your website

How cool is that, your own free banner advertising that is linked back to where ever you want it too! Why not create an image with “Become a fan of our Facebook page” and link it back to Facebook if you want to cross-pollinate a little, or link one to your services page, and the other to your about us page.

#9 You can add a disclaimer

Even if you don’t add a disclaimer, use this space to write something else, make use of it.

#10 You can even create a new page for a different target audience which Linkedin will publish for you, all for free!

If you have a different offering for your US market than your Canadian market, then the new feature will allow you to create multiple variations of the page, which Linkedin will automatically show for you. Whilst it doesn’t say how many, there seems to be space for six variations.

Lastly but not least, you can add a button to your website that asks ”Follow us on LinkedIn”. Simply copy the html code and your done. You may need your web person to do this bit for you.

I am sure that this is just the start for Linkedin’s business pages and I suspect that we will see these pages being connected to company groups too which would be awesome.

What would you like to see added to Linkedin’s company pages?

Likewise, have you had any success with your own company page yet? Please share your thoughts in the comments box below.

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