How to share your discussions on LinkedIn.

Since LinkedIn gave group administrators the ability to “open the group” to share content and discussions with the “outside world”, I thought it timely to point out some of the benefits of the new functionality so you can make greater use of it.

Of course, if your group administrator has opted to keep the group “closed” you won’t be able to use these new features, and if you are not sure if your group is closed or not, have a look to see if there is a little padlock icon at the side of the group name. It may be worth sending a message to your favourite group admins asking them to consider swapping over, they may not be aware of the benefits if they do. You could simply send them a link to this article if you like.

So, on to business.

When you have posted a discussion into a group, you have three little icons to choose form over on the top right side of your screen, and they are the familiar LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook images. At the side of those, there is the URL of that particular discussion.

If you click the LinkedIn icon, you will get a pop up box with several options for you to choose from:

  • You can post to your own status update box and send it out to Twitter at the same time
  • You can post that same discussion to different groups that you are a member of
  • You can send it as a message to certain or all of your connections

In each instance, the correct link will be included in the post and you do also have the option to write something extra.

By clicking the Twitter icon, a pop up window shows you how your tweet will look including link and how many characters you have used so you can add a bit more info if required. As twitter only has very limited content space, it is important that your headline is interesting enough to get people to read it.

Another recent addition is the ability to tweet your comments when you add to a current discussion by clicking the little Twitter icon below the comments box. This again adds in the link to the discussion and posts it out to twitter for you.

The Facebook icon will link to your personal profile page for you to write an extra comment and post the thread. I can’t see it posting to a business Facebook page at the moment, but if your friends are happy to add their input into your business life too on occasion, then why not give it a go. I particularly like this one as you could potentially have a discussion on your wall as well as in the LinkedIn group.

With the stand alone link, you could add this to newsletters, emails, blog posts or anywhere else you would like to share the discussion. Endless possibilities to get people involved with an important or exciting discussion.

What successes have you had by sharing discussions from your LinkedIn groups?

Why not join our open group called Brain Storm New Zealand Networking Group?

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