Look what I found……in bed!

Ah, the power of Facebook and what your friends share with you in your news feed.

This morning, I was sipping my morning tea and reading Facebook on my ipad to see what had been going on during the night whilst I have been asleep, and I noticed a friend had become a fan of a particular page. That page was Sealy, as in Sealy Posturpedic, so why on earth had he suddenly become a friend of a bed brand?

I clicked through to the page myself, and became a fan. Now I am in the market for a new bed in the not too distant future, but what made me choose to become a fan, was a neat little gadget that they had come up with that was available from the App store.

As there business is beds, they have come up with a great “sort of saucy” campaign, and this little gadget is part of that campaign.

Check out this quick video below to see what I mean.

I have already had quite a bit of fun with this, and have just sent a client a photo that I have tagged with this application because their logo is a delightful frog. When you email it on, the subject line automatically fills in with “Look what I found….in bed. Do you think my client is going to go and investigate this herself? Quite probably.

What a great way to spread your brand name and have a bit of fun at the same time.

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2 Responses to Look what I found……in bed!

  1. Dear Linda, this post is more important than most of us think at the first sight. It sends a clear message that we just scratching the surface of possibilities in social media. I’m currently building up a social business these months so I’m fairly up to date about new social marketing ideas, yet I haven’t seen anything like this before. Post more sensational ideas if you happen to find one. : )

    Best regards,
    Peter Kadas, MD.

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