What a “bloody” shambles

"We can't take your blood here, you're not our customer".A bit of a personal blog post so here goes.

On Friday, I was due to see a specialist to have a minor procedure performed, which was meant to be a few minutes, a cup of tea, and on my merry way. Unfortunately, it didn’t go quite according to plan, which was no ones fault, just the way the cookie crumbles.

This then meant that I now had to be admitted into hospital first thing Monday morning, a general anesthetic, and a day on the sofa. Not a biggy after I had sorted a few things out. But I needed to get a blood work up done before Monday, and as it was Friday lunch time, I had better get a move on.

No problem, I will call in at my local “blood place” and get that done.

Having driven back from Auckland to Pukekohe on a busy Friday pm, in the pouring rain, I was ready to get my next task over with and get back to work. No such luck

“You have an “s” on your form” said the receptionist. “We don’t do specialist’s, only GP blood tests. You will have to take it to Manurewa, as the next nearest place is Papakura and they are closed”.

How on earth was I supposed to know that, I could have called on my way back down the motorway?

I got back in the car, and drove all the way back to Manurewa, in the rain, parked up only to find them closed!

If I had had the chance to scream at someone at this stage, I would have.

My blood was boiling in my veins, the rain was pounding and I was running out of time to get it done.
The next nearest place was Botany, the other side of town, and before 4pm.
I decided to call. No answer. That left, Epsom. Surely I don’t have to drive that far in this rain? I have after all just come from there.

I called Botany again, and they picked up, so at least I know they are open. Thank you Lord!
By the time I finally got my blood test and drove back home, it was past 5pm.

What a waste of a day.

I guess my point is this. How on earth is anyone supposed to know that the people that now have the contract to do the blood tests across the country, only do GP blood tests and not specialists? What sort of a system are they running? I just wanted to get the test done and get back to work, not race against the clock across Auckland before 4pm.

I hate to think that I have any system in my business that inconveniences my customers in a way such as this. How about you?

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