Do your business cards mean business?

Your business card says a lot more about you and your business than you first might think, so it is paramount that you get it right. Don’t penny pinch, but doing a great job need not be expensive. What you hand out to people is the very often the second thing they see about you, the first being you, so how exactly can your business card give not only the right impression, but also a lasting impression?

Let’s look at a few key areas that can help:

First impressions count

The actual fabric of what your card is made of maybe one of the first things to get noticed as the person you have given it to can now feel it between their fingers and very thin card does not feel as good as top quality stock. If you have handed out a card of low quality stock, what do you think they may be thinking about you at this stage? It’s a bit like a limp handshake, a little off putting.

The actual design layout of the card, your logo or other image should be balanced and look both professional and unless you are a corporate, show your businesses personality too. Your printer will usually be able to set the design for you, but if in doubt, do spend the extra few dollars to get it professionally designed and send the file to your printer.

Font style, size and colour

If your target market is over 40 years of age, it is no use handing out a great looking card with a font so small, they need their reading glasses on to read it. It is good manners to actually read someone’s business card when they hand it to you, so don’t make it difficult for them to do just that. Stay clear from awkward style fonts that are difficult to read too, and make sure that whatever colour font you choose with the background colour of your card, that it is also not too difficult to read.

Your professional headline

When you hand someone one of your cards, can they tell exactly what it is that you do from it or does it just say “Director at Your Company”? This is particularly important if you attend a lot of networking events or give your cards out at functions where people may be meeting quite a few other people. What exactly is it that you do? My card says “Professional Speaker, Trainer and Consultant” because that is exactly what I do and when my card gets mixed in with everyone else’s cards after the event, I want that person to remember me, and not be forgotten. It is also handy when they then look back in their business card holder for someone some months down the line, it instantly helps jog their memory.

Is it eye catching?

I always invest the few dollars more to have a gloss finish because it matches my brand well, and whilst the card is the regular shape of a normal business card, two of the four corners are rounded. The card is royal blue with an image spreading across the whole of the front with my professional headline and strap line only on the front. The rest of my contact details are on the back, which is simply plain royal blue gloss. I think it looks a little like a glossy credit card rather than a business card, but it mirrors my brand and you can instantly see what I do. Someone once told me that if nobody comments on your business card, you need to re do it. Do people regularly comment positively about your card?

Your contact details

Think about adding your QR code to your next run too.

With more and more people switching on to social media, what better way to promote your Facebook or Twitter pages than on the back of your card. You could include details for:

• Facebook
• Twitter
• LinkedIn
• Website
• Blog
• Email
• Telephone

If you don’t use your fax machine anymore, leave the number off your card, as you don’t want it to look too cluttered. Your QR code is another thing to consider adding in if you are using it.

Now be proud of handing your cards out and wait for the compliments!

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4 Responses to Do your business cards mean business?

  1. Tim Rueb says:

    Great post. Pulled out my cards and did a quick inventory. Need to make some changes on the next order.

  2. Hi Tim,
    Glad you found it useful 🙂

  3. Well said Linda! I’m doing a redesign at present and am considering how much to include without making it look cluttered.


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