Has the Ipad demolished the need for a pen?

Image from DIY Nail Designs.com

Over the weekend, I was walking through my local shopping centre with my husband and he asked me “do you still need a nice pen or did you buy one”? It was at that point that a thought crossed my mind and prompted me to write this post. What on earth do I need a nice pen for?

It’s not that I don’t like nice things because I certainly do, but who would see my pen when I use it because it’s now very rare that I do indeed use a pen. Why is that? Because of technology and in particular the Iphone and Ipad. That  got me thinking even more that there are several things that I really no longer need because of these inventions.

Pen: I type my notes with my finger into the notes page of my Ipad or Iphone

Note book: I no longer need a fancy note book in which to write my notes, again the Ipad

Wrist watch: I like to wear it because I have one, but if it broke, would I buy another? Iphone

Books: I now buy downloadable books from Amazon, so I can read  minutes later

Ipod: I use my Iphone, so when I am out running, I have both my music and my phone together

Camera: You just don’t take it out anymore as the Iphone takes great photos and it’s with you most of the time

Video camera: Ditto the camera

Map book: The Ipad is perfect for Google maps when I get lost!

Calculator: There is one on my desk, but it is rarely used.

Glasses: I just make the screen bigger.

So, I won’t be buying a flash new pen, but what I should probably invest in is some smart new finger nails as they are certainly on show even more than before. Maybe I should brand them….

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2 Responses to Has the Ipad demolished the need for a pen?

  1. Charlotte Lockhart-Jones says:

    Mont Blanc shop is at the bottom of Queen Street, get a nice new cover for the ipad instead (hehehe)

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