Are you a social widow? Maybe not….

In the latest video from “Socialnomics” by Erik Qualman, there are simply oodles of stats referring to all sorts of things online, and one particular stat that stood out to me, is the amount of people that first met online, 1 in 5, and the second stat of how many people stated Facebook as a reason for their divorce, also 1 in 5.

That got me thinking, that is a lot of people getting divorced over spending too much time on a social media site.

Were they all trying to hook up with their ex’s, or flirting with old work colleagues? What were they doing so much of that has led to their relationship splitting up and ultimately getting a divorce? I guess some of them really were doing just that, but I bet not all of them were. That got me thinking.

Maybe they weren’t actually on Facebook at all.

Wind the world back a couple of years and think of the gadgets you didn’t have then, but use all the time now, and by gadgets, I mean smart phones, ipads and the like. You probably had a laptop or computer at home but now you have the portable screen devices easily accessible. These gadgets are now commonplace in our lives and we use them for a whole host of things that are nothing to do with social media, but because we are looking at a screen of some sort and no one can see it easily only us, wet are perceived to be looking at social media sites.

What else could we be looking at?

Look at some of the things such devices have made redundant. You can read a book, plan tomorrows journey with Google maps, find recipes for dinner, play Sudoku, buy music, buy anything else for that matter, do homework, write an article, as well as read email.

The point is, we have to get used to the fact that the person you think is spending oodles of time on Facebook, is actually probably doing something completely different. It’s just that what they may be holding in their hand looks different to what you are accustomed to seeing them with. These gadgets now allow us to replace so many other things that you are used to seeing around the place, and so are not necessarily continually plugged into Facebook.

For example, you could trust someone to be reading a book because you could see it, you could trust them to be doing Sudoku because you could see the puzzle book, and you could trust them to be planning their journey tomorrow because, yes, you could see the map. So the problem in reality might not be Facebook at all, but you.

Maybe you need to get used to not seeing the old alternatives anymore, but that little screen on their mobile devise. Cut them some slack, trust them to be doing the old favourites, it’s just that they now look quite different.

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