“Find us on Facebook” If you’re lucky…..

Last weekend, I was in a great café having morning tea with my hubby, and I noticed a piece of A4 laminated paper attached to the wall. I was sat reasonably close and could see the headline which read “Find up on Facebook” but I couldn’t read the rest of the message without disturbing the people who were eating their brunch and sat directly underneath it. I assume it gave the Facebook page address, but I suspect not.

“Find us on Facebook”, “Follow us on Twitter”, isn’t that like saying “Find us in the telephone directory” or “Find us on the web”? I think it is.

The use of Facebook in particular is becoming more and more common by some of the bigger brands, and indeed I have noticed the Facebook logo on TV shows and commercials, encouraging people to “Find us on Facebook”, but really, am I going to search for your page?

Facebook’s search functionality has never been the best and so it can be almost impossible to find some pages unless you have the time to scroll through so many possibilities. Most people don’t, and much like a Google search, if the page you are searching for is not on the first or second page of the search results, forget it. As the search functionality on Facebook is limited, you really have to second-guess what the brand has called their page for it to come up in the first place. It’s much too hard.

So the common term of “Find us on Facebook” really is not good enough if you want to attract people to your page, never mind encouraging them to become a “fan”. The same goes for “follow us on Twitter”. If your Twitter username is not that obvious, again, how are others expected to find you?

Like your web address, make your Facebook URL easy to spell, easy to pronounce and even more importantly, easy to remember. Then tell your audience just that.

So please keep away from quoting those recognised unhelpful lines, they are not going to get visitors to your page. You wouldn’t do it to your telephone number, so please don’t do to Facebook.

Why not keep in touch on my Facebook page?

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2 Responses to “Find us on Facebook” If you’re lucky…..

  1. Kerry says:

    So true Linda. I had noticed this lately too. I even saw a similar laminated poster in our local vege shop which I think was referring to the flower company (?!). Even when you know a business’ Page name it is sometimes hard to find it in the Facebook search. Giving your Page a vanity url definately helps the search. And of course straight out telling people the address. I like your analogy of the telephone number.

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