Why you should treat Facebook ads differently from Google ads.

If you are thinking about creating a Facebook ad campaign, there are a couple of things to think about.

A Google Ad campaign  is quite different from a Facebook campaign and many people don’t realise they need to create their ad content differently.

Firstly, with a Google campaign, you are relying on people searching on Google for what you have to offer, and there is the magic word – SEARCHING. You then create your ad accordingly with keywords etc and people click on your ad.

With Facebook, people don’t use it for searching, they use it for catching up with their friends and socializing, so that means the ad needs to be constructed in quite a different way.

They need to stand out. Have a look what ads catch your eye and make you want to click the link whist you are on Facebook socializing. Is it the ones with a human face, a cartoon maybe, or a “WIN” or other word that catches your eye? How about colours, are the primary colours better or the soft tones?

There are many things to consider and what you think looks great, might not work as well as you had hoped, so try different variation and see what suits your brand.

But remember, it’s not about search.

I would love to hear about your experiences in the comments box below. Linda

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2 Responses to Why you should treat Facebook ads differently from Google ads.

  1. Hello Linda, interesting post. I’d love some statistics, too. As I experienced, it’s much easier to target a Facebook ad the right way. First, you know targets are Facebook users – kinda’ socialized folks, who are open to new things ; ), whilst using AdWords your audience is on a much wider spread (and you have no account info). Second, Facebook’s targeting system enables companies to focus on certain groups according to age, sex, interest, etc. Google Plus will bring interesting new features in ad targeting, though.

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