New Zealand professionals don’t like complainers – LinkedIn data

Press release: New data from LinkedIn finds professionals in New Zealand can’t stand complainers in the office while Australians can’t stand the mess you leave in the microwave

Auckland, New Zealand — September 29, 2011 — LinkedIn (NYSE:LNKD), the world’s largest professional network with more than 120 million members worldwide, today released data about the top office pet peeves in New Zealand.

In New Zealand, LinkedIn surveyed over 1,000 professionals, revealing the top three office pet peeves as:
1. Constant complainers
2. People not taking ownership for their actions
3. Dirty common areas (such as a dirty communal microwave or refrigerator)


The survey uncovered some interesting differences across countries and cultures. For example:
· Americans get more irritated than other nationals by co-workers taking others’ food from the office refrigerator.
· Brazilians are the most annoyed of any national group by excessive gossiping.
· Germans are annoyed by dirty common areas (the community microwave or refrigerator) more than the rest of   the world.
· Indians react more negatively to irritating mobile phone ringtones.
· Japanese are more peeved by office pranks than others.

There were also gender differences in the findings. For example, 55 percent of New Zealand women were bothered by “clothing that’s too revealing for the workplace,” while only 25 percent of New Zealand men surveyed said that was a problem. The Swedish are found to be the most tolerant of what others wear in the workplace, but there is still a gender split: revealing clothing irritates 35 percent of the women in Sweden, but only 12 percent of the men.

Regardless of nationality or gender, however, the number one pet peeve of all professionals (selected by 78 percent of the more than 17,000 surveyed globally) is “people not taking ownership for their actions.” And, special note to job seekers: this is also true for hiring managers in New Zealand.

“A harmonious workplace is a productive one”, said Kathryn Jackson, Executive Coach and author of ‘Essential Questions to GROW Your Team’. “It is important to be considerate to colleagues at all times and take note when your behaviour may be negatively impacting them. What can begin as an unusual office quirk has the ability to escalate into something more serious if it remains unchecked.”

The country with the most pet peeves is India and the one with the fewest is Italy. New Zealand ranked at number six out of the 16 countries represented in the survey.

Download an infographic on the LinkedIn office pet peeves data and find out how you can deal with various office peeves on the LinkedIn Blog:

What bugs you?

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