More from #WBF11 – Seth Godin’s presentation

Continuing my thoughts and findings from “The World Business Forum” in New York this month.

Man, I was soooo close to him 🙂

If you have read “The Purple Cow”, that was the basis of his thought provoking presentation. Over many years, we have focused on making average stuff for average people and it’s not good enough anymore. We have so many choices and so many channels to communicate those choices and there really is no way of controlling them all. You just have to be different. If what you have is boring, you can’t grow.

Sitting on the 3rd row back directly in front of the podium, I could almost scratch Seth’s ankles, and his presentation enthralled me. Such passion and meaningful content that kept the audience glued to his every word. The man speaks a lot of sense.

I read Seth’s blog regularly and one of his recent posts has really stayed with me. It was a post about being so damn different, or special, or great, in fact,  just being better than average. So much so that now at the end of each day, I ask myself “What really blew me away today”? What have I experienced from service and contact with others that really has blown me away, what has made them so different, so remarkable? And do you know, there isn’t much.

It’s actually quite difficult, but not impossible, so what do you do that “blows people away”?

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6 Responses to More from #WBF11 – Seth Godin’s presentation

  1. Seth Godin says:

    Thanks for being there!

  2. Tim Rueb says:

    Yes, Seth Godin is a great source of material Very thought provoking stuff comes out of this guy. I also love his blog posts as well.

  3. Greg Dearsly says:

    Reading the purple cow now, just getting to the guts of it. Looks like there will be a number of things to consider as a new start up business.

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