Life on Mars

I just feel like writing some notes about my day, a quick online diary sort of thing and not something I usually do.

Nothing remarkable has happened, and yet I have this real feeling of helplessness today, sort of a “fish out of water” type of feeling, or a visitor from Mars. I even said I was from Mars when I bought my lunch in a small café today in Brisbane.

Let me explain.

Catching a flight anywhere usually means an early start, even when your flight time doesn’t seem to be too early, but by the time you have got up, packed, driven to the airport at the allotted time, when you work the time backwards, it’s early. Then there is the time difference when you get there that can throw you off kilter, and the general feeling of not knowing where you are, or how far away you are from where you need to go, that out of control feeling. Like you’ve just landed from Mars.

There was a lady on the plane, who laughed her socks off the entire 3.5-hour journey, and I don’t mean a giggle, it was a full on, head back great – big – laugh. All the way. Trying to put the finishing touches into a presentation for tomorrow, it was annoying to me, I couldn’t concentrate, but as the time passed by, and I thought about my agitated feelings, I felt bad. Why shouldn’t she laugh, and laugh loud? Perhaps I needed to stop being a grump and join in too? A good old laugh is a great tonic to anyone, me included.

I checked into my room and went in search of a cold drink and something to eat, but the only place around my hotel is the enormous, multi building Brisbane Mater Hospital, which spreads endlessly, with buildings for radiotherapy, oncology, and plenty more. As I wandered into a small café, I felt very aware and thankful for my good health and the good health of my loved ones around me. The lady working in the café had Cancer herself I suspect as she had a completely baldhead and wore a headscarf. My grumpy feelings from earlier on the plane, seem very stupid all of a sudden, and quite right too.

How lucky I am.

Laugh lots, love lots, and keep it real.

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